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How NordicNeuroLab built a mock scanner at the head office in Bergen

How NordicNeuroLab built a mock scanner at the head office in Bergen

"Let's build a mock scanner!" said our CEO Thomas Lie Omdahl.

In his mind, he had imagined for years that we would have our own real-size, mock scanner at the center of our office. He believed that it would be a valuable resource for everyone in the company to step into the shoes of our customers and their patients.

The idea seemed farfetched and we had no idea of how we would be able to do it. Our CEO wouldn't let go of the vision and he used his network to get hold of an older Siemens mock scanner used at exhibitions.

The next step was to find a place for it. We had to sacrifice two meeting rooms, and rebuild them so that we would have enough space. We got some drawings from Siemens Healthineers and we started to build the wooden frame. Step by step the mock scanner started to take form and the people at the office got more excited.

A dedicated team of workers made this farfetched idea become a reality.

Today this room is the center of everything we do. It's being used to develop our new products, marketing, customer training, distributor training, and as a "baby-sitter" when someone has to bring their children to work.

We love our mock scanner, and we believe you would do too.

Is it a farfetched idea?

It is certainly not the easiest project, but it's not impossible. Our goal with this post is to inspire you to dream big, but also to help you gain the belief that you can make it happen.

In the next video, you'll hear Melanie Ganz tell her story about how they built a mock scanner for their hospital in Denmark.

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