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User friendly, plug and play
MRI accessories

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fMRI Aquisition

Integrated hardware and software solution

Stimulus presentation

Clinical stimulus presentation and workflow software

MRI Comfort

Imagine a comfortable MRI exam

VisualSystem HD

High-end Visual Stimulation for fMRI for 1,5T and 3T

Who can benefit
from our products

For Neurosugeons

fMRI acquisition enables neurosurgeons to improve their surgical planning by using tools as VR, 3D printing and other neuronavigation systems.

For Patients

MR exams can be both uncomfortable and boring, so we've created a solution that allows you to watch movies while laying in the scanner.

For Psychologists

fMRI allows psychologist to determine the activity of different brain regions with greater accuracy and gather data on the functioning human brain.

For Radiographers

Having a user-friendly, plug and play, fMRI solution allows you to gather the data without too much interruption in your daily workflow.

For Radiologists

Clinical stimulus presentation and workflow software

For Neurologists

fMRI is a non-invasive test that allows you to locate critical functions close an important area in the brain.

All-in-one solution
for fMRI

Since 2001 our mission has been to give researchers, surgeons and radiographers the proper equipment for fMRI examinations.

Having an all-in-one fMRI solution, encompassing hardware and software, makes the acquisition of reliable and reproducible fMRI data possible not only for the expert users, but also for the novice. Our clinical and research post-processing software assists the user with accurate analysis of neuroimaging data, aiding in diagnoses, treatment planning and evaluation.

With over 2000 installations in 70+ countries, we know that we can provide you with the solutions and support you need.

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We know that expensive and sophisticated equipment and analysis tools have little value in the hands of untrained users. We believe it is our responsibility as a supplier to enable you to take full advantage of the products you have purchased.

We support you

Having development, production, and support under the same roof means you will receive excellent and fast service.

Our Product Solution Teams in Europe and in the USA offer both online- and onsite support and are always ready to help you solve any problems you might encounter while using our products.

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Clinical stimulus presentation and workflow software


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