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Application Training

Theory, Practice, and Hands-On Experience

Along with our offering of integrated hardware and software solutions, we also provide application training to help hospitals and research institutes take full advantage of our technology. Your team can benefit from application training in several ways, including increasing efficiency, adhering to best practice, and ultimately improving patient care.

We can provide training on the following topics according to your needs:

Application Training

Theoretical training

The application training can include a comprehensive overview of functional MRI techniques, covering the theoretical aspects of physiology, data acquisition and analysis. The training will give you a strong foundation in the underlying principles involved, and interested colleagues and stakeholders could join for the opportunity to learn more about fMRI.

Hardware walk-through

You will be given a walk-through of the NNL hardware, which will include a hands-on demonstration of all the components of the equipment and its functions. This will provide you with the skills you need to operate and maintain the hardware effectively.

Stimulus presentation using nordicAktiva

The training will cover the full capabilities of the nordicAktiva software, including an in-depth look at the various paradigms available. Our experienced application scientists will help you select the best paradigms for your patient population, taking into consideration both the patient's specific needs and the functional areas that you aim to map. We will also provide hands-on instruction in using the software, so you can be confident in your ability to operate it effectively during scanning. For those who are interested in customizing the software even further, our scientists will show you how to create or modify paradigms in nordicAktiva, giving you the tools to make the software work best for your specific needs.

Hands-on scanning sessions 

Our application scientist will guide you through the scanning of healthy volunteers or patients. This will provide you with valuable hands-on experience in preparing and instructing patients for an fMRI scan; selecting and running various paradigms according to your subject’s needs; using an appropriate scanning protocol; and sending collected data for review or post-processing. Since a clinical fMRI scan along with patient preparation may take 45 – 60 minutes, we would advise a minimum of three hours for preparing and scanning two or more subjects.

We understand that many factors can affect the quality of BOLD fMRI data, and we can assist you with navigating through unforeseen circumstances to help obtain the most reliable data possible. Through monitoring data processed in-line on your scanner, we can guide you in how to interpret the data during the acquisition process.


Once all data has been collected, we can offer hands-on training on post-processing and analysis of the collected fMRI data using nordicBrainEx* software. The process includes applying design files, verifying data accuracy, and creation and interpretation of the resulting activation maps. Furthermore, if you choose to use different modules of nordicBrainEx*, such as diffusion or perfusion MRI, we will provide full training on these as well. You will be instructed on how to summarize your findings and export data in an appropriate format.

No matter your post processing pipeline, although we will not provide specific instruction in other software packages, we can advise in general on pre-processing and analysis steps.

Development of an fMRI program

It can be challenging to launch a new fMRI program, but we're here to help. Our role as facilitators is to provide you with the necessary information and guidance to get your program up and running. This can include involvement in conversations with relevant stakeholders and understanding the referral and billing process for fMRI**. 

Overall, our goal is to make your fMRI program as effective as possible, while ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge you need to get the most out of your hardware and software.

Further assistance for researchers

Perhaps you are a research site using our equipment alongside other hardware and software for advanced studies. Your focus may not be on workflow efficiency or gaining a better understanding of clinical fMRI. Our scientists are available to give hands-on assistance with setting up or interfacing our products with other third party software or devices, and helping you get your experiments up and running as quickly as possible.


“The training provided by Vicky and Iman was exceptional. They were both extremely helpful and answered all our questions regarding hardware, integration … and also importantly software. Since providing the training, support has continued off-site via email. It was a pleasure to meet them both.”

Dr. Aneurin Kennerley

Manchester Metropolitan University

"Training was given in a clear and systematic fashion, and was very much liked and appreciated by the users. The training was fitted very well around a complex schedule. A lot of topics were covered - and everything we needed to start the service."

Kings College Hospital, London

"The training was really interesting, easy to understand with a high level of practical relevance."

Gerald Manns (Radiographer)

Klinikum Dortmund

“Jennifer was excellent, very thorough with our training. She is very helpful whenever we have a question, always gets back to us.”

Windsor Imaging

Fort Pierce, United States

Benefits of our training


By working with our experienced scientists who understand the unique needs of each site, you can get the tailored support you need to set up a successful MRI program that meets the needs of your patients and your organization.

Immediate feedback

As you will be trained in your own MR setup with your own team, we will be able to provide you with immediate feedback from our expert application scientists, who can answer any questions and provide guidance where needed.

Improved patient care

Increasing your confidence with our products, and with data acquisition and processing, increases the likelihood that your fMRI exams are performed effectively, which can improve patient care and lead to better outcomes. 

Real-world experience

Performing fMRI scans with our scientists, on volunteers or patients, will help you feel more comfortable and confident handling future patient care scenarios independently.

Cost saving

Receiving training in software applications can improve your efficiency and ultimately save time and lower costs for your hospital or research institution.

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University Hospital Olomouc, Czech Republic

University Hospital Olomouc, Czech Republic

Carle Foundation with Siemens scanner, United States

Carle Foundation with Siemens scanner, United States

Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen for the Siemens MAGENTOM Vida, Belgium

Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen for the Siemens MAGENTOM Vida, Belgium

Copley Hospital for the Siemens MAGNETOM Sola, United States

Copley Hospital for the Siemens MAGNETOM Sola, United States

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