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About NordicNeuroLab

With over 20 years of experience, NordicNeuroLab provides products and solutions that define the field of functional MR imaging. 

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All patients benefit from complete imaging information for optimized treatment


We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services worldwide

With more than 2000 installations in over 70 countries and solid partnerships with the biggest MR scanner manufacturers, we continue to develop fMRI as a clinical tool for precision medicine as well as expanding into related segments such as patient entertainment and in-room viewing for interventional purposes.


All patients benefit
from complete imaging information for optimized treatment.


Apply world-leading competence and experience to provide professional solutions for functional imaging enabling improved patient care and clinical efficiency.

Brief timeline

NordicNeuroLab celebrates 20 years

"With more than 2000 installations in over 70 countries and solid partnerships with the main MR manufacturers, we continue to develop fMRI as a clinical tool for precisionmedicine as well as expanding into related segments such as MR patient comfort and MR in room- viewing.
A big thank you to all our employees, customers, partners, and collaborators for making this possible! I'm truly looking forward to the next 20 years!"

- Thomas Lie Omdahl - CEO NordicNeuroLab AS


NordicNeuroLab 0.0T Mock Scanner

We built our in-house mock scanner for our 20th anniversary. This allows us to improve our development and to better understand our customers.


FDA Clearance for VisualSystem HD

The VisualSystem HD got a 510k market clearance from FDA.


Launched VisualSystem HD

Our next generation video goggle for fMRI, the VisualSystem HD was launched.


GE accessories catalouge

We entered into GE MR accessories catalogue with most of our products.


VisualSystem showcased on GE Premiere MRI scanner

At RSNA 2016 Eric Stahre at GE launched their new GE Signa Premier 3T scanner with our VisualSystem mounted on the head coil.


Regulatory approval software in Japan

Obtained regulatory approval software in Japan.


Co-marketing agreement with Stryker Navigation

We signed a co-marketing agreement with Stryker Navigation in USA. Our post processing software nordicBrainEx optimized for easy and accurate export of BOLD fMRI and DTI data to neuro navigation systems.


Office in Seoul, South Korea

We opened up a representative office in Seoul to cater for our North East Asia customers.


Siemens MRI accessories catalouge

Entering into the Siemens accessories catalogue with our fMRI products was an important milestone as it gave us a broader market access.


Established office in the US

Established office in Milwaukee. Cathy Elsinger with PhD in experimental psychology from Penn state was hired as our General Manager.


Siemens compatibility certificate

Received Siemens compatibility certificate for our hardware products. Siemens customers could be sure our hardware products did not influence the image quality in any way.


FDA clearance

Received FDA clearance for software in USA.


nordicICE launched

We launched our first software product, nordicICE (Image Control Evaluation). This was a direct result of the collaboration with Rikshospitalet and Atle Bjørnerud.


First product launched

We launched our first product – the SyncBox. This was a revolution as it took care of timing accuracy between stimulus presentation and paradigm delivery. Manual time management using a stop watch for fMRI was no longer needed.


Software development

NordicNeuroLab started collaboration with Rikshospitalet (today Oslo University Hospital) to develop software.


NordicNeuroLab founded

Researchers at the Bergen fMRI group had created tools to present stimuli to the research subject in the scanner. Other research sites around the world could be interested in similar tools – so why not start a business?


It all started with a flash

In 1994 Kenneth Hugdahl was the first fMRI research subject at the Bergen fMRI group. Using a strobe light and a mirror mounted on the head coil.

see the movie here


We are committed to providing the highest quality on our products and services worldwide

We push for innovation

We listen to our customers

We focus on ease of use

We deliver high quality

We value safety

Regulatory Compliances and Certificates

NordicNeuroLab has always emphasized quality and safety in the development and production of our devices. NordicNeuroLab fMRI hardware system is designed, developed and manufactured under certified ISO 13485 Quality Management system.

As our product portfolio grows, we continue to ensure that all our products intended for clinical use meet regulatory and safety requirements, have respective market clearances, and are tested for international UL and IEC consensus standards for Device Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for medical equipment.

Transparency Statement

The Norwegian transparency act requires Norwegian companies to carry out due diligence activities to ensure they are operating responsibly, respecting both human rights and decent working conditions. NordicNeuroLab fulfills the criteria of the act, and this document provides a statement about how the company ensures compliance.