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NordicNeuroLab Summary of 2021

As 2021 has come to a close it is a good time to look back at our accomplishments over the last year and shed some light on our future plans.

October 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of NordicNeuroLab! We are very thankful to everyone that has supported us over the years and we are very optimistic for the next 20 years!  

At the 20th anniversary we revealed our own full scale 0T MRI scan room - a huge benefit to the organization for training, demonstration and development purposes!  

For the 20th anniversary we also got a new logo, giving us a more modern expression for years to come!

Despite the pandemic, we continued to expand in our main segments. The fMRI segment continues to grow as clinical adoption of fMRI for presurgical mapping and advanced visualization is increasing world-wide. Our efforts on expanding the utilization of our fMRI peripherals has led to rapid increase within the MRI comfort segment and volumes of the nordicComfortSolution system grew significantly over the last year. We continue to look for ways our fMRI peripherals can create value to our customers within other use cases in the MR room.

For 2022, NordicNeuroLab has many exciting development projects ongoing. Planning of a significantly upgraded nordicAktiva is underway and development of the first prototype is about to start.  

The core component of our fMRI system, the SyncBox, will also get a major overhaul in 2022. We are also working on a major new product that will significantly benefit all patients undergoing MRI scans! More information about that later this year!

Our colleagues at NordicImagingLab will continue the development of the nordicMEDiVA software platform and are aiming at clearing DSC, DCE, BOLD fMRI and diffusion modules for the US market during the year. If you are interested in software, we suggest subscribing to NordicImagingLab’s new monthly newsletter to get the latest news and updates.  

From an organizational perspective, we will be scaling our organization during 2022 to ensure that we can provide our continuously growing install base with the excellent customer journey that we are famous for.  

Thanks to all our employees, customers, partners and suppliers for making 2021 a great year! We are looking forward to continue the collaboration in 2022!

With best regards,

Thomas Lie Omdahl, CEO

NordicNeuroLab AS