HW Installations and Product Maintenance


Once a completed order has been processed it is handed over to the Service and Support team to take care of the pre-installation and post-installation needs. A lot of work must take place to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery. NordicNeuroLab ensures this by having multiple staff and distributors located around the world, so that when it comes to an installation, you will have a competent engineer on site to communicate with. Not all languages are provided for, but we are confident that we will always have someone in your region who you can communicate with efficiently.


Our Service and Support team will contact you to get as much information in advance as possible. Each location is different and we tailor each installation to the specific requirements of the site. Information is the key so we will request schematics, floor plans, locations of cable runs etc. Each piece of information will make the installation progress smoother.


In the EU and the Americas, our MRI-safety trained engineers will perform the installation and bring along relevant special equipment as needed. Our engineers can provide an introduction to the Products in both hardware and software, as this is normally the best time and place to receive such training. For ROW we have distributors covering the various regions. The distributors are thoroughly trained in NordicNeuroLab products so that they can provide onsite Product Training as well.

Product Maintenance

Here at NordicNeuroLab we pride ourselves on the quality we provide through our services, hardware and software products. However from time to time malfunctions and breakages happen. We do our best to provide industry leading customer service throughout the world. We work closely and carefully with each of our customers to solve their problems, issues and queries. Within our range of services, we can tailor maintenance agreements to any customer needs, we have various levels of extended warranty to cover any requirement you might have and we also offer packages for keeping you update with all the latest software.

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