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Introduction of fMRI as a clinical tool has added vital information to patient treatment and evaluation. fMRI is a sophisticated technology, but does it have to be complex and require considerable time and resources?


At NordicNeuroLab we believe that the clinical use of fMRI requires simple automated procedures, enabling a single technician to handle stimulus generation, image acquisition, data analysis and the reporting and exporting of results.

This is why we developed the nordic fMRI Solution!

nordic fMRI Solution has been specifically designed to fit within the workflow of your hospital’s daily routine and has been tailored to integrate software and hardware components simply and effectively.


  • Professional installation, application training and customer support
  • Hardware and software developed in-house -> optimized integration
  • Quick set-up and adjustment to individual patients
  • Minimal footprint and easy storage of equipment in MR room
  • Standardized stimulus paradigms
  • Robust, scientifically proven data analysis algorithms
  • Minimal user interaction due to optimized workflow and automated data analysis
nordic fMRI Solution consists of three main components:
1. Stimulus presentation and workflow software (nordicAktiva) nordic fMRI solution
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2. Audio-visual stimulus presentation and response collection hardware (fMRI Hardware)
3. Analysis and report software (nordicBrainEx)



icon Download nordic fMRI Solution Data Sheet (PDF 221KB)