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fMRI Visual System

The ResponseGrip is an MR and MEG-compatible subject response collection system developed for both clinical and research users.


Ergonomically designed for the use in either hand, the ResponseGrip is suitable for a wide range of experimental paradigms. The ResponseGrip is compatible with all leading software packages and also interfaces with a number of third-party hardware devices.


The grip is 100% fiber-optic and connects to the optic-electric interface unit in the control room through an available waveguide. The interface unit provides real-time feedback of subject responses via LED indicators and optional sound signalling.


The system consists of two grips, an interface unit, and fiber-optic cables customized for your installation.


  • Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • ResponseGrips in Use
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  • four-button patient-friendly design
  • magnetically and RF inert
  • standard TTL output compatible with most stimulus presentation programs
  • patient response can be monitored by light and optional signalling


number of buttons

4 (2 per grip)

principle of function


dimensions (W x H x D)

142 x 28 x 171 mm

cable length


Optic-electric interface unit

dimensions (W x H x D)

105 x 46 x 135 mm

signal output

TTL, Serial, USB
ResponseGrips in Use

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