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The high-quality headphones, together with the user-friendly communication console, give both research and clinical users versatile control over auditory stimulus presentation.


fMRI Visual System

With state-of-the-art electrostatic transducers, the headphones give a superbly detailed sound, replicating even minute details with incredible precision. Designed specifically for fMRI, the headphones offer flexible solutions for patient hearing protection, as well as for patient communication.


Using the best quality components to ensure high performance, the system offers a flat frequency response from 8Hz to 35kHz and a noise attenuation of +30dB.



fMRI Visual System

NordicNeuroLab’s EarPlug is an alternative devise to the NNL Headphones to deliver audio stimuli within the MR environment. Its main objective is to deal with the restricted space requirements in new type of head coils. It is based on electrostatic technology, as this proved to be superior in sound quality compared to pneumatic systems.


The EarPlug is an add-on to the NNL AudioSystem and uses the same amplifier and signal transmission. The EarPlug can be used instead of the Headphones, as they share the same connector and signal type. The Earplug is compatible in 1.5T, 3.0T, and 7T MR environments.


At this time the EarPlug is only to be used in a research environment.

Communication Console

fMRI Visual System

With easy and accessible controls, the communication console allows two-way simultaneous patient communication and full flexibility of audio settings.


As an alternative to the built-in microphone and speaker, the technician can choose between different headsets according to individual preferences. The console also allows for recording of oral responses from the patient using a fiber-optic patient microphone, which is available as optional add-on feature.




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  • easy setup and operation
  • superior hearing protection (+30dB)
  • disposable sanitary covers available


  • small profile for tight fitting coils
  • easy setup and operation
  • Different size disposable MR compatable ear tips

Communication Console

  • two stereo channels
  • two-way simultaneous communication
  • easy operation of patient audio level
  • momentary speak button
  • internal operator microphone and speaker
  • operator headset as additional option


earcup dimensions (W x H x L)

semi-elliptical shape 85 x 45 x 105 mm


high-precision electrostatics

flat frequency response

8Hz - 35 kHz

passive noise attenuation

+30 dB

extendable, non-magnetic headband with adjusting, pivoting yokes




29 mm diameter


12 g without cord

speakers type

Electrostatic Canal Type, In-The-Earspeakers/ Pushpull Driving

sound attenuation Approach 30dB LCeq (C-weighted equivalent) with HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)
bias voltage



Communication Console

dimensions (W x H x L)

135 x 55 x 140 mm


can be connected to all standard audio sources

signal transfer options

fiber-optic cable through waveguide

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fMRI Visual System in Use fMRI Visual System in Use