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nordicTumorEx is the newest software application that defines the next step in tumor assessment and evaluaton. nordicTumorEx features novel diagnostic tools for evaluating a tumor in terms of its perfusion characteristics and its change over time in volume and shape. The software enables processing, analysis and visualization of dynamic MR imaging data of the brain.


nordicTumorEx facilitates single study analysis to obtain information about the tumor by analyzing structural and DSC image datasets acquired in one study, or longitudinal analysis to track tumor evolution over time. The result is increased confidence in tumor assessment and evaluation.


Key features:

Tumor Segmentation
Segmentation feature allows a user to segment a tumor in three easy steps by defining the volume of interest, applying automatic segmentation algorithm within that volume, and finally editing the segmented volume manually before verifying and saving the tumor volume. The resulting segmentation is displayed as an overlay in a standard MPR view.


Tumor Volume and Longitudinal Analysis
Longitudinal analysis feature focuses on how a tumor has evolved over time. Using dedicated visualization tools, a user can easily scroll through time-points and see changes in tumor shape, size and anatomy while monitoring tumor characteristics such as blood volume and histogram profile. All single-studies from different time-points are conveniently presented on one screen.


Tumor Grading
A blood volume histogram provides valuable information about the aggressiveness of the tumor and gives an indication of tumor grade. The blood volume histogram can be easily compared to other histograms indicative of tumor grade.



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