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nordicICE is a general-purpose image processing and analysis software application with emphasis on the clinical use of functional imaging methods. nordicICE is a module-based solution for BOLD, Diffusion/DTI, and Perfusion/DCE imaging.


nordicICE is easy-to-use Windows-based application that can be readily integrated into the clinical workflow in any hospital. Simultaneously, nordicICE provides flexibility for the research-oriented user who wants to explore and take advantage of the state-of-the art visualization and post-processing techniques offered by this versatile, high-performance application.


Learn more about nordicICE:

nordicICE BOLD Module
nordicICE Diffusion/DTI Module
nordicICE Perfusion/DCE Module


  • Key Features
  • Tutorials

Automatic Co-registration

  • Inter modality co-registration: With inter modality co-registration it is possible to co-register between different modalities (e.g. functional and structural).
  • Intra modality co-registration: Intra modality co-registration corrects for motion in 4D data, as well as artifacts induced by eddy currents often observed in diffusion weighted imaging data.

Image loading and saving

  • Compatibility with a variety of image formats:
  • Conversion and handling of fMRI-specific DICOM variants like the Siemens Mosaic format
  • DICOM modification prior to saving (patient anonymization, etc.)
  • Easy transfer of image data to other Windows applications

Image viewing and manipulation

  • Display of medical images from a variety of image sources
  • Easy scrolling through 3- or 4-dimensional datasets
  • Multiple viewing formats
  • Cine/movie loop display
  • Display/copy relevant image information (e.g., from DICOM header)

Image analysis

  • Qualitative or quantitative analysis of certain features in an image or a set of images:
  • Region of interest (ROI) analysis:
    • Multiple ROI types
    • Easy and reproducible ROI analysis of large datasets
    • Easy transfer of ROI data to other Windows applications (e.g., Excel)
    • Dynamic ROI analysis (time-intensity curves, multi-echo MR, etc.)
    • Advanced curve fitting of dynamic ROI data to relevant algorithms
    • MR relaxation time analysis
    • Dynamic contrast analysis
    • Other advanced MR analysis models
    • ROI histogram analysis
  • Volume of interest (VOI) analysis
  • Intensity line profile analysis
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Image masking
  • Flexible and intuitive tools for basic image manipulation:
    • Zoom, Pan
    • Smoothing
    • Window with/level
    • Change color palette

Image processing

  • Multi-planar reformatting (MPR)
  • Maximum/minimum intensity projections (MIP, mIP)
  • Image arithmetics (subtraction, collapse, etc.)
  • Image overlays:
    • Any number of overlays onto a given dataset
    • Compatibility with SPM/Analyze image formats
    • Direct co-registration of overlays based on DICOM geometry information
    • Manual adjustment of overlay position, if needed