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nordicBrainEx is a new software application for post-processing and visualization of BOLD fMRI, and DTI data. nordicBrainEx addresses key issues in analyzing functional MR data within the clinical workflow. The simple and user-friendly interface improves user productivity while the automated protocols, processing steps, and quality control features minimize the probability of error or variability in the quality of the results.

nordicBrainEx is DICOM compatible and capable of analyzing data from all major MR vendors. The reports generated with nordicBrainEx are customizable and processed data can be saved in a variety of formats and sent in DICOM format to PACS or exported neuronavigation systems.


Together with nordicAktiva and NNL fMRI Hardware System, the nordicBrainEx forms the complete and optimized solution for clinical fMRI - the nordic fMRI Solution.


Key features:

  • Automated analysis
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Optimized workflow and minimized processing times for improved productivity
  • Seamless integration with NNL fMRI hardware for stimulus presentation and response collection

Visualization Features

  • Combined 2D/3D visualization of BOLD activation areas and DTI tractography with anatomical data allows a user to view conventional planar views and 3D reconstruction on one screen
  • Volume-of-Interest tools enable a user to evaluate statistical results such as time course of signal change in a single voxel or a specific region of interest

Image Processing Features

  • Automatic recognition and analysis of BOLD and DTI datasets enables a user to upload and process anatomical and functional datasets with few mouse clicks
  • Automatic coregistration allows a user to coregister both, multiple functional datasets to structural images, and multiple high resolution anatomical datasets
  • Simple re-processing of data gives a user the ability to repeat the analysis quickly using modified parameters

Workflow features

  • Integrated DICOM Server facilitates seamless image transfer between nordicBrainEx and PACS
  • Easy export of images and screenshots to PACS improves user’s efficiency
  • Neuronavigation system export allows transfer of functional and anatomical image data to 3rd party neurosurgical planning platforms
  • Convenient session saving for all post-processing and visualization steps allows a user to come back to a study at his or her convenience without losing previous work
  • Customizable reports enable users to easily generate study reports which include images, screenshots, text, graphs and data acquisition and analysis summary
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