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About Us

  About Us

With over a decade of experience, NordicNeuroLab (NNL) provides products and solutions that define the field of functional MR imaging. We understand the growing need for reliable and innovative tools in this growing field. As a result, we closely collaborate with research and clinical teams from both academic and medical centers, MR system manufacturers, and third party vendors to develop and manufacture hardware and software solutions that meet the needs of very experienced centers while developing training programs to make fMRI easy to adopt for more novice users.


From state of the art post-processing and visualization software for BOLD, Diffusion/DTI, and Perfusion/DCE imaging to fMRI hardware for audio and visual stimulation, eye tracking, and patient response collection, NNL's products are used around the world by researchers and clinicians alike. Ultimately, we are dedicated to bringing the most advanced neuro-imaging tools to market while making functional MRI programs easy to implement.


Our Mission Statement
Using our high competence, knowledge and experience with advanced fMRI applications and through our collaboration with leading research groups we shall drive the use of fMRI techniques into the clinical workflow.

Our Vision
We make fMRI easy. NNL offers tools and solutions for functional MR imaging that enable physicians and hospitals to improve patient care, and allow investigators to advance research in the area of functional imaging. In short, we make fMRI easy.

Our Corporate Values
Ease of Use
NNL products are easy to use. Both hardware and software products include extensive documentation, encompassing installation guides, user manuals, and tutorials. Extensive on-site training and support ensures that customers are comfortable with using NNL products.

NNL hardware products are of high quality and designed to withstand the demanding requirements of the MR environment and daily use. All products are thoroughly tested and in compliance with regulations.

NNL representatives respond to customers in a timely fashion, via e-mail or by phone.

NNL offers comprehensive support with purchase of all of our products. This includes on-site support, online support through scheduled online meetings, as well as e-mail and phone support.

NNL offers products as either complete solutions or on a component basis, customized to individual customer need.

NNL representatives are available to provide support or schedule an on-site demonstration within a reasonable time period.