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NordicNeuroLab launches an eStore


August 1, 2011 (Bergen, Norway) – NordicNeuroLab (NNL), a global market leader in development of products for functional neuroimaging, announced today the launch of its online store. Branded the NNL eStore, the online shopping site offers NNL customers a new and better way to shop online for accessory products for functional imaging.

Sanitary headphone covers for the NNL AudioSystem and lens cleaning wipes for the VisualSystem, as well as other accessories can now be ordered and purchased with a credit card on the NNL eStore, which can be accessed from the NNL main website, (www.nordicneurolab.com).

“The NNL eStore is another way to improve our customer service and support, which has always been one of our core competencies and a competitive differentiator between us and other companies in our industry,” said Vlad Borimsky, Manager, Marketing and Business Development of NNL. “By launching the eStore, we hope to give our customers a more efficient way to communicate with us and get what they need when they need it.”

With time, customers will be able to order other hardware and software products from the NNL eStore.


About NordicNeuroLab:
NordicNeuoLab, an international company headquartered in Bergen, Norway, develops, manufactures and supplies high-quality products for MRI, with a special focus on the fast growing field of functional imaging. NordicNeuroLab’s product line features a seamlessly integrated set of hardware and software components, which can also be used separately to simplify the complex operations associated with fMRI. All of our products have been designed and developed in close collaboration with both research and clinical groups. NordicNeuroLab is active worldwide and has its own facilities for Sales and Support in Europe and United States.


For more information contact info@nordicneurolab.com